Our worship to God goes beyond music

Our worship to God goes beyond music

I remember as a young boy going to church and enjoying the “music” part of church more than the preaching and not really understanding what was happening. As I grew up I was involved more in what I later found out to be called the worship team. At first I wanted to be a part because I liked music and wanted to play any chance I had. The more I would play the more I would practice, and craft my talent to be a better musician and it would work. After a while I began to hear teachings on worship and how we worship God because He is worthy of it and music is an avenue we use to worship. As I got older I would encounter God more and my walk with him would grow stronger. I ended up getting to a point where I would practice because I wanted to give God my best as opposed to just being the best musician. 

I realize that everyone’s walk is different and everyone doesn’t play instruments. One thing that is the same is our God and His greatness and how He never changes.
God reveals Himself in different ways to everybody and how we respond to Him is our act of worship.

In John chapter 4 it talks about worshiping in spirit and in truth. I believe a way to see it is first with heart and then with our understanding. 

Here are a few things that have personally helped me in worship.

1- If you are a musician practice and do it with a heart of wanting to give God your absolute best.

Work on your heart towards God and work on your skill that you use to worship God because He is worthy of your best.

2- A stage is not the goal, God being glorified is.

Having a desire for people to know how good you are is robbing God of the glory He deserves. We should direct worship to Him not to ourselves. 

 3- Worship should be your daily life giving glory to God, not just during a worship set. 

So many times we get caught up in sound and lights and the “cool” factor or worship but really God wants our lives to be instruments of worship.

I pray that this helps you in your worship endeavors and challenges you to make sure God is getting the glory he deserves.



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