My wife and I have a dog named teddy and he is a very crazy loving dog. Having raised teddy since he was a puppy the Lord has really showed me a lot of his likeness even through this little dog. For instance he loves Mila so much (even more than me) he does whatever it takes to be by her or to protect her. 
I believe God was showing me that his desire is to be near her is because he knows she will take care of him and she has a deep connection with him to the point that he will do whatever it takes to be near her. 
The picture above is one that I took while Mila was away at the store and I asked him “where’s your mommy teddy” while he was chewing on his bone and he dropped the bone ran to the balcony and looked out with concern and to the point of whining because he couldn’t see her.

I believe God was showing me that our desire for him needs to be so much greater than anything else to the point that it hurts us if we aren’t near him. Thankfully we do not have to be away from him but by his blood we can enter his presence (Hebrews 10:19-22) at any moment. Even at the mention or thought of God we should desire to be in his presence and acknowledge he is near. He also been helping me with connecting with him in my busyness and craziness of life and to know he is with me always in every moment of my life. 

I just want to challenge you to think, is there anything (like teddy’s bone that you aren’t dropping) that is keeping you from desiring God on a deeper level, or are you so occupied with things of life you forget how the nearness of God is our good.

Anything in this world will never even come close to how good God is and how his presence is nothing but good for us.




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