So I usually post on what the Lord is personally dealing with me and this one is a mixture of my personal walk and what I have seen. Being humans we tend to do a lot of self promotion and I do not think that is kingdom at all. I see it in people’s life and online and I just think to myself how much the world and social media has discipled this generation. It does agitate me but then I think to myself why does this happen?

I think the biggest part is a struggle of us putting ourselves before God and believing that it isn’t really self promotion if it is related to kingdom things. 

Just reading from Psalm 105 I feel the Lord redirecting my heart to make sure everything I do pleases him and points to him not back to myself or any “cool” thing I do.

I see and hear sometimes people doing awesome things by a worldly standard that brings them fame and even to the point of “name dropping” because someone has a great following. Has it really come down to trying to leach from others who God has promoted to try and gain popularity? 

I want to be found as a faithful steward of my time on this earth and doing all I can to make him known so that others may have a relationship with him and experience his presence.

This could just be a personal conviction I’m dealing with but it all goes back to our lives pointing to God and how great he is.

What better joy is there than to have a relationship with the creator of heaven and earth and get to lay down our lives at his feet that he may be glorified. 



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