The God of Now

The God of Now

The Lord has really been dealing with me over the past year or so with seeking Him in every moment. I believe He’s been speaking to me about finding Him in the now and not just a church service or event. 
We all know the scriptures Hebrews 13:8 “Christ is the same yesterday today and forever.” I think God has been showing me that He is constant and faithful in every moment of our lives.

Mila and I just took our teens to Youth for the Nations summer camp in Dallas and they all were ignited! I have been to many Christian summer camps where people really encounter God but then a few weeks later they are back to there old lifestyle. I have always been very big into discipleship and seeing people mature in their walk with God so going to this camp was awesome. I don’t think a camp “high” necessarily represents maturity but I do believe it represents progress in a very strong way. The true test of maturity are when the teens get home and how they deal with situations and what choices they make. Even while we were at camp I told the teens that a consistent walk with God is key to growing and that the camp will be a marker in their Christian walk they can look back on. I also told them a camp high will wear off but God will remain the same and He desires a relationship with them that is more of a constant pursuit than it is a once and a while stirring.

I challenged our teens to pray that God helps them realize that He is near in moments that may seem busy or hard. 

I believe this will help create a lifestyle of constant communication with the Lord and not just a “once in the morning prayer” lifestyle. 

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how Muslims pray 5 times a day and how Christians have some work to do to try and “catch up.” First of all, I don’t think we should be comparing in this way. Second, we shouldn’t need to tally the number of prayers we say in a day but rather be at a point in our walk with God that it would be hard to count them all if we tried. 

I pray that as believers we don’t live solely off of past encounters or waiting for future events, but that we find God in the now. Yes times get hard and it may feel like hell is all around and about to consume you but remember that God is there in the midst of it all and wants you to call on him and trust him. It may feel like your stuck waiting on a promise God has given to you but know that He is in that waiting period and wants you to keep trusting him.

May we not limit our relationship with God by only living for big moments, because God wants to be with us throughout our entire journey. 



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