Praising through hard times

Praising through hard times

As a believer there are times when we’re on the mountain and times when we’re in the valley, and a lot of times we tend to praise the most when we’re on the mountain. I believe through reading about Job that it is hard to praise the Lord when things are tuff and sometimes we just need to tell God how we feel. 
There’s a place of maturity where we can say God this really sucks right now but I choose to praise through my circumstance and I choose to worship through this hard time. 

So many times we are looking for God on the mountain and believe it’s easy to find him there but I believe the mark of a mature believer is to search God out in the valley. God is waiting for us to cry out to him in any season and he wants to be with us through the entire journey and not just the glorious moments. That’s easy to say “God is so good, today has been great!” but what about when the day isn’t so great can we still look deep down inside our hearts and say “no matter what God you are always good and you are always worthy to be praised.”

I think about the current state our nation is in and how bad things seem and how there’s a lot of confusion and questioning, but I still know God is greater than anything, and I will choose to worship him more passionately because no matter what chaos is going on around me he is and always will be good. 

For those that are going through tough times and it feels like everything is terrible and maybe even the worst time in your life, I pray God captivates your vision so you may look to him and see how good he is and how small everything else is. 

My wife just recently lost her baby sister and had to fly out to Brazil. She said when she landed she felt an overwhelming feeling of terror but even at her low moment she chose to praise God and sing the Bethel version of it is well. In that moment of such pain and sorrow she was still looking to God and proclaiming her trust in him and his goodness.

May God’s name be praised above racism, terrorism, gender confusion, idolatry, abortion, the spirit of Jezebel, gluttony, cancer, and any other thing that tries to take our eyes off our conquering King.


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