This past weekend we had our very first youth ran service at our church. It was also a first for me to be able to bring the message to a Sunday crowd. It was also a first time to do two services and bring the same message in each.Our teens did a great job taking the duties of what is typically ran by adults. I also want to give honor to my amazing wife for assigning places for everyone and making it all happen smoothly.

The message I spoke was about David and Goliath, the title of my message was “Sharpening” because I believe there are some key elements we can take from that story so we may be sharpened to better push he kingdom of God forward.

You can see the message below it begins at 1:08.

As I was preparing the message and asking God what he wanted me to speak on I heard in my spirit that someone would have car problems on there way to church and say “God I just need a new car” and I believe that God was confirming to them through this word that he is going to give them a new car. I also saw the words “blue flag” which was strange cause usually I would think of a blue flag but not just the words itself. That word about the blue flag I felt was God using it as a sign to those people that see it that he was taking care of a very big situation in their life.

I believe the Lord worked mightily through the message and the ministry time and the words I had were actually for people in both services.

I just want to say a great big thank you to our amazing pastors, Pastor Gerald and Marketta Johnson, they are so amazing and ever since Mila and I connected with them we have seen a large amount of growth in our spiritual walk and in our marriage. We are eternally grateful to them.

Speaking to a Sunday congregation is new to me so I know there are some things I need to work on but I thank God for the opportunity to do it and see how he used a willing vessel to do amazing things in the life of his people.


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